Product & UI – UX Design

Product & UI – UX Design

Designer should put the user at the center of the design. The best user experience designs can be made with a deep sense of empathy and analytical thinking. Product designers work in other design areas such as User Interface Design (UI Design) or User Experience Design (UX Design).In other design disciplines, designers should generally focus on work, while in product design, the focus should be on solving user problems with user experience.

Product Design

While the concept of product design was limited to only physical products a few years ago, this concept has moved to digital in today’s world. Over the years, a product has become both digital and physical and can be designed.

“Our role is to imagine products that don’t exist and guide them to life.”

-Christopher Stringer

It is important that you listen to your customer well and define the need correctly in product design. As long as the design is human-oriented, it can be a solution to problems and can achieve its real purpose. The duty of a good designer should work in a way that responds to the needs and applies the design rules while making human-oriented product design.

A correct product design process can be planned as follows:

  • Understanding the product and
    identifying the need
  • Research, comparison, data
  • Analysis of user problems,
  • Idea and prototype
  • Product design
  • Testing and validation
  • Launch

UX designers and product designers focus on different areas on the product. These two concepts, which are often confused with each other, actually constitute different fields of the same discipline.

What is UX Design

UX design or user experience design is the process of creating products and experiences that help users do what they came to do as efficiently and effectively as possible.

UX design or user experience design is an approach to creating an experience that helps users manage their actions efficiently and effectively.

It aims to provide an excellent experience from the very beginning to the last step as a result of understanding real needs and empathizing with the customer. In a good UX design, you reach the result without noticing how the process flows, and this is an indicator of a well-designed product.

What is UI Design?

UI design is a diverse field in which disciplines such as visual design, UX design and graphic design are used.

User interface (UI) design is expressed as the visual design of the digital interface of a product, such as an application or website. It is a part of this discipline to make the interface easier for the user to do, to navigate easily, and to make it look good in terms of aesthetics.

Typography, colors and design all affect user satisfaction and interactions and are part of UI design. Users have become familiar with certain layouts and patterns. From typography to color, every aspect
of the digital display affects the user’s interaction and satisfaction with the app or website. UI design involves the intricate art of arranging these elements to guide the user and keep cognitive load to a minimum while creating beautiful, unique experiences that bring the product to life.

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